Audit and Corporate Practices Committee
The Company's board of directors has established an Audit and Corporate Practices Committee to oversee the Company’s most important activities. The members of the committee are:

Rafael Gómez Eng
Alfonso González Migoya
Victor Manuel Requejo Hernández

All members of the committee are independent in accordance with the provisions of the Mexican Securities Market Law and qualify as financial experts.

  • Prepare and present opinions to the Board of Directors
  • Seek and obtain opinions from independent experts (primarily on related party operations and securities transactions)
  • Calling shareholders’ meetings
  • Assisting the Board of Directors in the preparation of annual reports
  • Present an annual report of its activities to the Board of Directors
  • Evaluate the performance of external auditors
  • Analyze the reports prepared by the external auditors
  • Submit a report to the Board of Directors regarding the adequacy of internal control systems
  • Overseeing operations with related parties
  • Request from relevant executive officers the reports deemed necessary and monitor the performance of such officers
  • Report to the Board of Directors any irregularities brought to its attention

Operational Committee
The Operational Committee supports the Board of Directors in overseeing the Company's operations and financial results, as well as analyzing the acquisition of land bank and strategic initiatives. This committee meets every month with the exception of the months the Board of Directors meets. The members of the Operational Committee are Alfredo Castellanos Heuer, César Pérez Barnés, Joe Ackerman Braun, Marcos Alfredo Mulcahy, Samuel Klein Marcuschamer, and Sebastián Odriozola Canales.

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing all comments submitted to the anonymous reporting line from employees, suppliers and all persons directly related to the Company. All complaints are confidential and the committee meets on a monthly basis to determine whether there has been a possible infringement of the Company's Code of Ethics and to apply corrective measures or sanctions based on the results of the complaint investigations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee
The CSR Committee is composed of representatives from different areas of the Company, who monitor and are involved in the management and compliance with the CSR model.