Javer material topics

Materiality, from a business standpoint, consists of the identification of material topics or highly relevant matters for a company and its stakeholders. This leads to the identification of topics requiring innovation, incorporation, continuation, or reinforcement. In this way, communication with stakeholders is strengthened.

At the beginning of 2019, Javer updated its Materiality Assessment through a third party, resulting in the identification of 26 material topics. Thanks to this study, the Company gained a clear guideline for continuous improvement towards sustainable development.


The update of the Materiality Assessment entailed two phases:

1. Analysis of three risk factors: Sector development, sector risk and social risk.  

2. Communication with the stakeholders considered to be high-priority in the complementary study carried out – Shareholders, clients, and employees -. This process was carried out through an electronic survey.

The results obtained from the surveys and the research of relevant sectors were reflected in the following materiality matrix.